The Christian's Commission by Dr. John Don Jennigs on

 Matthew 28:18-20 

Keywords: rigcognize, mobilize, evangelize, baptize, stabilize



“Peace be with you!”  - HOMILY  OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS on “Ndolo” Airport (Kinshasa) n the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO on Wednesday, 1st February 2023 on

 Jn 20:19-20 

Keywords: Jesus gives his peace to his disciples; three wellsprings of peace, three sources from which we can draw as we continue to nurture peace: forgiveness, community and mission; wounds that ache, continually infected by hatred and violence; Jesus does not speak just to one of his disciples; he appears to them as a group; the Spirit of God to free us from the spirit of the world, and that humility is the grandeur and fraternity the true wealth of every Christian; witnesses of forgiveness, builders of community, people charged with a mission of peace in our world


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