SALINE SAINTS  Dr. J. Don Jennings on

 Matthew 5:13 

Keywords: histery of salt,medicinal, societal, commecial, spiritual aspect; thology of salt, region, regression, refection, ministery of salt, corruption, power of proportion, no impact without contact,

What More Are You Doing than Others? - Sermon by Dr. Philip W. McLarty on

 Matthew 5:38-48

Keywords: The life of a Christian ought to go beyond that of an unbeliever; society doesn’t expect all that much; social etiquette, God’s love - irrational and unconditional; good works can never overcome your sinfulness; “Be perfect?" -  the Greek word, “τελιoς,” (telios) and it has to do with a destination or end product; What would it mean for us, as a congregation?



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