Live broadcasts (in English and Arabic) of the worldwide meeting organized by Jesus Celebration 2033
from September 30th to October 2nd, 2021 in preparation for Easter 2033
in the Anafora Monastery of the Coptic Orthodox Church, accessible online

1. Video: Opening of the meeting with bishops and the Coptic PopeTawadros II.

2. Video: from the 50th minute: Olivier Fleury (Switzerland) on a conversation with a French Pastor: "I'll be dead by 2033". He: "That's why we're coming now
already ... ", he talks about his dream, his goal; from 1. hour 9 min. video greeting from Werner Nachtigal from Berlin

3. Video: from 40th minute: Martin Hoegger (Switzerland) in English: About the resurrection of Jesus according to Matthew 28, then discussion in Arabic,
(not translated into English)

4. Video from 22nd minute: Greetings from a bishop from Ghana and from 33rd minute demonstration about what it means to be in Christ by Bishop Thomas, the founder of the Anfora monastery

5. Video: Final evening: from the 6th minute: impressions of participants from Russia, Africa, Colombia, India and others