Door shut ode open? Sermon for November 08, 2020, written by Kathryn Matthew, United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio on

 Matthew 25,1-13 

Keywords: still waiting, two thousand years later justice and love, trouble and beauty, the city of Philadelphia,  intervention when God takes care


End of Story: Waiting in the Dark – Sermon  by Anne Taylor on

 Matthew 25:1-13 

Keywords: 1961 - o house,  “drop the bomb” ,  Jesus tell his last three parables, a lot wrong with this story, wait in darkness,  two thousand years later,  we suddenly realize that our spiritual reserves are too shallow, For what are you waiting?

Using Your "Talents" - Sermon from Nov 22, 2017 by Nickolas Kooi ( Emmaus Church in Minnesota) on

Matthew 25,14-30

Keywords: something is important when someone repeats it a second time; the end times; a talent, dollars,

the average salary, talents; "Which servant are you from the parable?" "What talents or abilities has God blessed you with?" 



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