Jesus the friend of sinners,- Sermon by W.F. Adeney from England on
Keywords: Jesus did eat and drink with men of questionable occupation; the Church of Christ has been slow in following her Master's example; complaint; "mercy and not sacrifice." ; kindness to our fellow-men

Mattew's Call - Sermon on the juin 27. 2001 by James May in the Victory Temple Pentecostal Church of God
Prairieville, Louisiana on

 Matthew 9:10-13 

Keywords: Matthew had one of the most hated jobs,  very grateful ; friends and acquaintances that Matthew could invite were in the same social circle as he was; we cannot fool God; How can Jesus save a man who thinks he is saved already?


The rich man difficulty - Sermon by W.F. Adeney from England on

  Matthew 19,23-26 

Keywords: the absorbing interest, deceitful promis, foolish prid, hardening selfishness of riches; folly of covetousness, duty of contentment, need of sympathy with the difficulties, the power of God


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