This website has been operational since the beginning of May 2019 under the domain https.// Since then, the work has consisted of looking for texts on the Internet which can be linked to the individual key words. In addition, it should be pointed out what one can specifically learn from Jesus. That makes the texts worth reading or listening to. In addition, the author of the text needs to be asked whether he / she agrees to the linkage.

As a retired pastor, only I am working on the site, but I am still hoping to locate additional contributors. This cause is supported by the association "Living Together" e.V.

Anyone can participate in this project

- by sending me cues and links to sermons that are particularly suitable for the website,

because they interpret a text from the four Gospels,
because Jesus and his words are at the center of the thought,
because it clearly demonstrates significance for me personally today,
because no denomination / church / community is praised or criticized in it
and no other group is assessed in general terms,
and so the reader / listener is called to ponder one's own personal life.


Further collaboration is possible

- by
pointing to typing or spelling errors or suggesting a more understandable phrase;

- by drawing attention to events and initiatives
taking place in the years 2030-2033;

- by making this website known and
recommending it;

- by
transforming this website into another language and creating a separate network for it. The creator of this page provide instructions. To this end, the page is designed as simply as possible;

- by
asking Christians of other nationalities with very good language skills whether they would be willing to design and take responsibility for such a website;

- by translating the texts of this website into other languages
as preparation for future websites.

I am looking forward to your collaboration
and the next 13 years of creating this network of people around the world who honor Jesus and want to learn from
Him. Katharina Dang in Berlin-Marzahn