The High Priest’s Courtyard – The Essentiality Of Forgiveness  - Sermon by Eduardo (Eddie) Fernandes on Jun 17, 2020  in the Riverside International Church on

 Matthew 26:69-75 

Keywords: Peter - the Rock, Aramaic it was “Cephas”. It literally meant “small stone.”; a heartbreaking story, Why do people reject , betray, backstab us? Experiences Denial, Loss, Hurt like Hell, Anger, Brokenness, Inability to Trust Again, Sadness, John 21, Peter’s three-fold charge; Jesus forgave Peter


A gold-digger-faith -Sermon January 29. 2012 by United Methodist Church Pastor Sung Ho Lee on

 Matthew 26:69-75 

Keywords: the Messiah that Daniel saw in his vision, the real test,  "If you are a rich person how do you tell your true lover from just a gold digger?": Peter’s case, the unconditional love of Jesus

«You have the words of eternal life» - Fr, Jordi PASCUAL i Bancells (Salt, Girona, Spain) on April 4; 2021 on

 Joan 6,60-69 

Keywords: Jesus offering us his body as nurture for our souls...; his language is too hard for some, too incomprehensible...; St. Peter, the twelve; ... "What kind of docility, simplicity and trust do I live with regards to God's things?"


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