“Surely it is not I?” - Fr. Higinio Rafael ROSOLEN IVE (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) on

 Matthew 26,14-25 

Keywords: “delivering” (“paradidōmi” in Greek) is repeated six times;  invite each to an examination of conscience; we can hide our sins from other people, but we cannot hide them from God


Condescension of Christ  -  Sermon by R. Earl Allen  on

 John 13:3-5 

Keywords: the enemies of Jesus, no effort on the part of His disciples, the solemnity of the supper, Jesus wash the disciples' feet, the feet of Judas, he put his feet out defiantly, God Himself could wash our dirty feet, we are willing to follow His footsteps..;  "If we do not serve, however, we are none of His."


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