Love Your Enemies - Sermon by Dr. Philip W. McLarty on

 Matthew 5:38-48 

Keywords: the Sermon on the Mount - not intended as social ethics; the Law of Moses, an eye for an eye – was designed to curb violence; “Don’t resist him who is evil.” an intruder standing in the doorway; "I got ambushed by a small group of colleagues serving on a church", Martin Luther King, Jr. 1957 - lists three steps;  a gift of God

He Hit Me First! - Sermon by Steven Molin on

 Matthew 5:38-42 

Keywords: elementary school playground, escalating pettiness,  insert that words “husband” and “wife”...., -  Conflict at any level is conflict -  "Jesus had to have known that just about everything he would say would contradict the status quo.", Jesus’ words - Extremely radical; the fractured condition of our world -, we should not be stunned by Jesus’ words of non-violenc

Countdown to Calvary - Sermon by R. Earl Allen on

 Mark 11:7-9 

Keywords: Jesus and Alexander, 33 years, popularity is only a temporary thing, disciples had been dreaming of their own greatness, Jerusalem - Prince of Peace, Jesus -  the King of kings

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