We should act like the princes and princesses of God’s Kingdom - Sermon by Pastor Sung Ho Lee, methodist church, on

 Matthew 12:38-50 

Keywords: the Kingdom of God; enough signs and wonders,  earthquake in Japan; the doers of the will of God sometime;, it would take just a simple act;


«Which commandment is the first of all?» - Fr. Ramón CLAVERÍA Adiego (Embún, Huesca, Spain) on

 Mark 12,28-34 

Keywords: Jesus responds with a simple sentencethe love to God and the love to your neighbor are thus inseparable: we should love ourselves, since we’re also the handiwork of God; we will make of the earth a general rehearsal of Heaven


Total Commitment - Sermon by Kevin Ruffcorn, Pastor of the Desert Streams Lutheran Church on Mar 7, 2016 on

  Mark 12:28-44 

Keywords: the kingdom of God is a very different from the nations and societies of the world; confronting the Skeptics, the Questions of His Deity; role models are an important part; scribes and other religious leaders; separate and exclude people , loving our neighbors as ourselves; God’s love, mercy and grace


Hope Aflame: Even the Rocks – Sermon by  Anne Taylor, methodist church, on March 20, 2016 on

 Luke 19:39-48 

Keywords:  Luke’s account of the Palm Sunday parade; Jesus: the crowds were crying; visit Jerusalem 2015, "We were getting ready to follow the same route that Jesus used to enter Jerusalem", stones of remembrance, placed on the grave as a memoria; cemetery, looking for the wrong thing, "The stones are waiting."


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